There’s more than being a backdrop of a Beach Boys song. From a rich part of American history, let’s explore a modern take on how the epitome of SoCal has transitioned into modern times.

The sunny coasts and hills of Manhattan beach have a rich history from its founding, and the early settlers have paved the way to a comfortable, rich mix of diversity across culture and economy. Manhattan Beach has one of the highest rates of education with at least 74% of the population have a bachelor degree or higher, making the city rank up together with other California locales. This being said, it has one of the highest medians of income per household, and around 33% of the populace bring in $200,000 or more annually.

Aside from engaging intelligent conversations in the area, you should enjoy its food! If you’re near LA, it’s a short distance for a quick trip or a long weekend. It has 50+ restaurants to accompany its gorgeous environment views. With a wide variety of selections: ranging from seafood, desserts and local creations, your palette will always have a fresh experience.

The local community can also help you get to speed, whether planning to go on a stay-cation for the serene sunsets and fresh ocean air or even attending sports events and festivals! The city is one of the safest in SoCal and neighboring LA.

You might also bump into some celebrities that have settled in the literal southern comfort of the coast. Bottomline, with so much to do and experience, I’d love to hear your own.

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