Welcome to Long Beach, a neighborhood that fits your style.

Voted as one of America’s “Most Walkable Cities,” Long Beach is comprised of 27 neighborhoods, tucked in along the waterfront centrally located to Los Angeles and Orange County. It is known to be California’s 7th largest city, boasting a population of 469,793 and a full load of amenities only a few other cities can offer.

Long Beach takes pride in its eclectic communities and its picturesque, sandy beaches. Its residents are offered an unmatched blend of big city convenience and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere of its oceanside neighborhoods.

Take a harbor cruise alongside breathtaking ocean bays, bike or simply walk on dedicated paths next to 5.5 miles of sandy beaches. Year-round Long Beach offers sunny skies and a moderate climate.

Out of the 27 neighborhoods that it houses, five communities rise to the top: Bixby Knolls, Naples, East Village Arts District, Belmont Shore, and Lakewood Village. Each offers an array of activities and adds its own distinct, local flavor, which is what makes this dynamic city.

Long Beach is the ultimate host to numerous long-running music festivals.

Bixby Knolls is known to be one of the most conveniently located neighborhoods in Long Beach. It’s an easy commute to Downtown Long Beach, and the local Blue Line can take you straight to Los Angeles if you prefer to use the Metro. Most locals frequent the Bixby Knolls Shopping Center for its open-air shops and unique finds.


Naples draws residents who prefer to live by the water. It is a community that consists of three islands separated by water canals that open to the bay, which is very much reminiscent of Italy. Naples remains to be a dream neighborhood for people who enjoy paddling or gondola-riding, and an ultimate destination for many out-of-town visitors, adventurers, boating enthusiasts, and outdoorsy folks. Come by the scenic and green public space of Naples Fountain, a popular hangout place, or head towards Second Street for fine dining, nightlife, and shopping.


East Village Arts District is located on the southeast end of Downtown Long Beach. It’s a hotspot for both locals and visitors for its quirky shops, art galleries, restored historic buildings, and diverse restaurants. It is perfectly fit for residents who enjoy tapping into their inner artists and their live-work-play kind of lifestyle. Enjoy beautiful murals and eye-catching graffiti on walls and buildings as you walk throughout the neighborhood.


Belmont Shore is a commercial neighborhood a short distance from Naples. It is known for its nightlife, beach activities, salons, small business office, and trendy eats. The community embodies what most people think of when it comes to living a beach lifestyle in California, and residents enjoy popular activities like going to the spa, attending one of the neighborhood’s many community events, and bar-hopping along the boardwalk and Second Street on a daily.


Lakewood Village, or “The Village” as what most locals call it, is a homey community located towards the northeast side of Long Beach. Conveniently nestled close to Long Beach Airport, as well as the popular Lakewood Golf Course and family-friendly Heartwell Park Community Center, the neighborhood is deemed to be an ideal neighborhood for homebuyers of all walks of life.

Its 11 miles of sandy shoreline makes waterfront adventure the center of the city’s charm. Locals and visitors can enjoy waves from dry land at one of the family-friendly beaches like Alamitos Beach and Marine Park, or rent stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, Duffy electric boats, and other watercraft in Rainbow Marina.

Visit world-class attractions like the Queen Mary, the largest, fastest, most luxurious ocean liner of her time, or go on a historical tour at the Aquarium of the Pacific which features more than 11,000 inhabitants of the Pacific Ocean, undersea galleries, and live shows. The city is also home to various eclectic museums, including the Long Beach Museum of Art and the Museum of Latin American Art.

Visit Long Beach from early May to mid-September for numerous outdoor festivals, sports, and other cultural activities in the city. Long Beach is travelable by plane, train, car, or Greyhound buses.

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Whether you live here or just visiting, there are plenty of activities you can enjoy. Watch out for our series of info on our neighborhood watch. We’d love to keep you updated on things to do, where to go, and activities you can do especially during the pandemic. Stay tuned!

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