5 Rules For Preparing Your Home For Optimal Showing

Most sellers skip this the preparation step thinking the market will generate a great price. however, it pays to present an A+ product. The truth is that buyers pay for what they see. They pay for the life they can imagine in your home. They will even overpay for what they love.


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5 Rules For Preparing Your Home For Optimal Showing

In an effort to generate maximum interest and minimal speed bumps in the transaction, it is important to reduce any indication of deferred maintenance. Additionally, these proactive tips will help you keep your home fresh yearround. Together, we will create a home that allow buyers to see themselves in your space and therefore increase sale price. The goal is not to do major renovation. I will lead you through small projects to satisfy the 5 rules and invest smart money. Studies galore showing a significant return on staging/preparation efforts. Keep in mind how products are marketed in a store. I want to treat your house in the same manner with equivalent marketing strategies as a store front window. The goal is to make the eyes of buyers light up when they walkthrough your home

Rule 1: Depersonalize.

This process reduces distractions yet make focal points, bold art, & minimal small decor items. 

Do not neglect clutter – You need a second opinion to look past what you are used to seeing every day. 

Remove any attached items from the home that you do not want to transfer to the new owner. If you have a vintage light fixture you want to take with you, remove it prior to the photoshoots.

Rule 2: Maximize.

We want to make every room as large and as bright as possible. Don’t block light or views. Steer clear of big bulky pieces of furniture.

Closets –  clear unnecessary clutter, use boxes stacked together to show order and space, use matching hangers, modernize the space for a more luxurious feel.

Front/back yard furnished into useable square footage – landscaped and cleaned up. No hoses/old pots. Do not neglect outside, new sod, fresh flowers, clean corners, and hanging lights.

Go through pantry and refrigerator. Make it sparkle and orderly. Make sure there are no odors.

Do not neglect the laundry room, storage rooms, or garage. Buyers are looking for storage space and to see yours orderly gives them the impression their lives will be orderly in that space.



Rule 3: Sanitize.

It’s a good idea to hire professional cleaners for this. Empty sinks, clean floors, fresh walls, clean carpet, baseboards, clean windows, clean oven/refrigerator, organize cabinets, clean hardwood. Repaired if needed.
Bathroom – should be exceptionally clean! Fresh paint and clean grout, everything on countertops need to be stored, all towels put away unless it’s white and clean. Is new caulking needed? Have hardwood professionally cleaned, steam carpets/rugs if needed.
Powerwash exterior and remove plants where applicable if needed


Rule 4: Modernize.

Unless you have a character-driven home, update knobs, cabinet color, light fixtures, etc., otherwise, buyer’s offers will reflect the feeling of the home being dated. Cabinets can be stained/painted.
Bedrooms – gender-neutral colors for linens, walls, accessories, headboards for a visual focal point and added sophistication, accessories at eye level, make it feel like a place of relaxation & comfort.
No extra cords/office furniture/etc. Make it a one purpose room.
Lighting – new fixtures and matching light bulbs for a uniform look in photos.
Replace faucets/ knobs if needed.

Rule 5: Neutralize.

Color has a big impact on buyers in a potentially negative way, paint to a neutral uniform color. Light colors make rooms feel bigger |furniture, art, drapes, linens, etc. Plants are a good focal point.
Animals– it is important to have them removed during showings.
Smells are also a negative trigger for buyers.