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  I pull out all the stops and spare no expense when marketing my clients’ properties. My marketing plan includes all the traditional channels of advertising, in addition to utilizing social media and technology for added exposure. I will show your home in a unique and strategic way to set the stage for success by doing far more than simply taking photos and posting your home on the MLS.

Because of my affiliation with Sotheby’s International Realty,®, and its worldwide cooperative advertising program, I have the option to provide an array of options, both print and digital, for listing advertising needs. These ads are high profile with global media partners and each offers a targeted reach and vast exposure. Starting with a home prep week (detailed on the next page), I use my connections with numerous vendors throughout Los Angeles to quickly complete any tasks advised as necessary by my stager to prepare to market your home in the best possible way. If you are needing assistance with any or all preparation tasks, I am happy to coordinate any necessary arrangements.  

Week 1+2

Clean up exterior landscaping
Windows washed
Deep clean interior
Handyman work
Paint | touchups to repaint 

WEEK 2+3


Professional Photo Shoot
Video Shoot
Photo review/edit
Brochure creation/print/edit
Electronic brochure creation/edit/email

Coming Soon campaign launch
Social media coming soon launch

Print-ad campaign scheduled/ creation/ placement


 Finalize price
Office presentation
Pre-market broker tours
Broker’s Open (first Friday after launch )
Open House (first Sat + Sun after launch )
Neighborhood preview party
NEW listing notification email to 5,000+ brokers
Syndication to top websites | such as, redfin, trulia, Zillow, NYT, WSJ, etc.

Brand Power

With an emphasis on brand exclusivity, cuttingedge advertising technologies, strategic positioning, social traffic drivers, and video content integration, the Sotheby’s International Realty®brand utilizes handselected media powerhouses whose innovation, experience, and international impact allow our brand to successfully connect with a global consumer

With exclusive feeder markets in regions worldwide, we can reach the ideal highincome, luxury buyer where they’re inspired to buy. The ads from SIR aim to inspire the decisions and feed the fantasies of your potential buyers with fullpage, fullcolor ads in print and online  

5 Rules For Preparing Your Home For Optimal Showing

Most sellers skip this the preparation step thinking the market will generate a great price. however, it pays to present an A+ product. The truth is that buyers pay for what they see. They pay for the life they can imagine in your home. They will even overpay for what they love.


Your best chance of selling your home is in the first two weeks.


With a sign in your yard, full description and photos in the local MLS, distribution across the internet, broker’s open houses, public open houses, email blasts, and video distribution, your home will get the biggest flurry of interest in the first two weeks.


Home pricing truisms:
  • Fair market value attracts buyers, overpricing never does.
  • The first two weeks of marketing are crucial.
  • The market never lies but it can change its mind.
Fair market value is what a willing buyer and willing seller agree by contract is a fair price for the home. Values can be impacted by a wide range of reasons, but the two biggest are location and condition.
Sellers often view their homes as special, which tempts them to put a higher price on it, believing they can always come down later but that is a serious mistake.
Overpricing prevents the very buyers who are eligible to buy the home from ever seeing it. Most buyers shop by price range and look for the best value in that range and very often are willing to spend more once they fall in love with a home.

Intelligent pricing isn’t about getting the most for your homeit’s about getting your home sold quickly at fair market value.

Since you can’t change the location, it’s a good idea to consider improvements to your home to make it stand out in the market or offer it at a lower price. I will consult with my stager and compare other homes on the market to create a suggestion for the listed price. After the twoweek golden time, keep in mind that the real estate market is ever-changing and there is always another chance for your home to shine.
Home pricing is where art meets science. 

Vetting Buyers + Offers


Negotiation is a fine art and typically works best when both parties get what they want. For example, you may be willing to take less money for your home in exchange for an allcash offer or a quicker closing. Your buyer may be willing to pay your asking price, but they may ask you to pay their closing costs.


Will help you assess if buyers are serious. I will make sure that we have a full offer package which includes; evidence that the buyer has been prequalified by a lender or a prequalification, and proof of funds for the initial down payment. If it is a cash offer, we will request proof of funds for the entire purchaseOnce an offer is officially made, ask yourself, “Is this reasonable”? If you’re uncertain, I will explain the offer. If the first offer isn’t what you expected, we can discuss why, and how to respond to the buyers.


Serious buyers will offer close to what you are asking and in a multiple offer situation the offers can exceed the asking price. Buyers may have a few demands and contingencies. A buyer may ask you to reconsider an exclusion, such as a fine chandelier or custom piece of furniture because of its decorative importance to the room. Based on the offer received, you will know if that’s a reasonable request. Sometimes buyers find your home before they are ready to move. For example, a family may be transferring from another state and need to find a home quickly. Common requests in scenarios like this are asking you to delay the closing or rent back the home and charge you rent until they can move in. Special requests should be accompanied by a respectfully high offer price. Are the price and terms the buyer is offering reasonable, given your home position in the marketplace?


Buyers will pay what they believe your home is worth. They respond exclusively to price, location, and condition. What you paid for the home or the equity you need out of it, aren’t relevant to the buyer. Homes in top condition sell for the most money | which is why we prepare the house to attract top dollar. If you’re not receiving the offers that you’d like, then the condition, the list price, or both might be the reason. While I can’t tell you what to ask for your home or what you should accept, I can use my experience to tell you what you can do to improve your negotiating position. Keep in mind that your purchase offer is only binding when you agree to the buyer’s terms or the buyer agrees to your counteroffer. Every change you or the buyer makes means the other party can walk away from the deal entirely.


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